As the real estate market heats up, the option to put your home on the market becomes more widely considered by homeowners. Utilizing the skills and knowledge of an experienced real estate agent can greatly benefit a seller. Choosing the right agent is just as important as determining the listing price. The right agent will ensure you maximize your value and manage the selling process efficiently and ethically.

When To Sell Your Home

The timing of listing and selling your home can be a major factor. Your real estate agent can provide you with data on recent home sales and how seasonality might affect the trends.

Buyers will often come out in larger numbers during the spring season so that they can move into a new home while children are out of school. Moreover, photographs of the property will often show better with spring flowers than cold weather months.

The Numbers

As you begin the process to sell your home, your real estate agent should provide a comparable market analysis as well as an estimate of closing costs and other costs that might be a part of selling your home. Understanding what you can expect on the financial side of the process is important throughout the process.

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