As a buyer, it is imperative that you have an experienced and professional real estate agent representing you. The counsel and advice of a seasoned real estate professional can make the difference between a great buy and a risky buy.

The following are some tips that buyers might consider as they approach the buying process:

The Price

  • What do the comparable sales look like in the neighborhood and nearby communities? The appraiser can help you determine an appropriate value for a home you might be considering. This information will also be crucial for financing.
  • Is the seller underwater? If the party that owns the home owes the bank more than the home is worth, you might be dealing with a short sale situation.
  • Are there multiple offers on the property? If so, negotiating a lower price will be more difficult as competing offers tend to drive the purchase price higher.
  • How long has the home been listed? The length of time that the home has been listed on the market can affect what a seller is willing to accept.

Condition of the Home

  • Major condition issues that should be discussed prior to submitting an offer can include the condition of the structure itself, the roof, the HVAC, etc.
  • What improvements or renovations have been made to the house? Do they appear to have been done by a professional?
  • An inspection will reveal any detailed issues that might be present prior to closing.

Location of the Home

  • The location of a property can be a primary factor in the price of a home. For residential properties, school districts are also an important factor.

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