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2/25/2019 1:16:54 PM

(TNS)—Q: I have a reverse mortgage on my home. Am I allowed to sell my property to pay off the reverse mortgage and keep my equity or do the lenders just get the whole thing? If I die, can my son sell the property and keep any equity? A: A reverse mortgage is different from […]

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2/20/2019 12:54:35 PM

As a trusted professional, clients naturally look to their real estate agent for a home inspector recommendation. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, HomeTeam has identified several considerations to use when recommending a home inspection company: Knowledge Look for licensing and professional certifications. Not all states require home inspectors to be licensed […]

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2/10/2019 10:03:22 AM

(TNS)—Gen Z is poised to be the largest source of homebuyers in the United States. The post-millennial generation, or those born after 1996, make up about 32 percent of the population. And, according to a recent report by®, 80 percent of them want to own a home before they turn 30. For kids who […]

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1/31/2019 1:23:12 PM

(TNS)—The last thing consumers should have to worry about is being scammed when they buy or rent a home, or consider refinancing options. Unfortunately, criminals are getting more creative in how they target their victims, leading to major financial headaches for their unsuspecting victims. In 2017 alone, 9,645 victims reported real estate fraud, resulting in […]

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1/24/2019 1:18:12 PM

Like many real estate agents, your resolution for 2019 may have been to sell more homes this year. This is a great resolution, especially since it’s likely that this year will still be a seller’s market. However, even with the best intentions, selling a home can end up being a real challenge. Even if you’ve […]

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1/15/2019 1:20:41 PM

(TNS)—Q: With the new year upon us, my partner and I want to buy our first home. Do you have any advice on how to find the best house at the best price? A: There’s no such thing as “the best” house; there is only the best house for the two of you. As with […]

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1/9/2019 1:37:57 PM

The following information is provided by the Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD). This article explains the four most common valuation methods used for real property transactions and how and when they are used. It’s important to note that the methods below are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Lenders, servicers, investors and other professionals use one or […]

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1/8/2019 1:35:52 PM

(TNS)—On a corner lot, surrounded by lush live oaks and Florida-style bungalows, sits Jonathan Wilson’s first real estate investment: a 2,100-square-foot, bone-colored duplex. The area was a big draw for Wilson. Seminole Heights is part-hipster and part-historic, as one of Tampa’s oldest neighborhoods and home to local breweries, art galleries and yoga studios. Some 2,400 […]

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1/6/2019 10:03:23 AM

Typically, most IRA providers only allow you to invest in approved stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs. A self-directed IRA with Entrust allows you to diversify beyond these traditional types of investments, such as in real estate properties. This is our most popular investment strategy—and for a good reason! Self-directed IRAs are the only retirement accounts that allow individual […]

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1/6/2019 10:01:33 AM

Homeownership can be a stressful venture, especially when hearing about the potential for various unseen dangers, such as mold, asbestos and especially radon...

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