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11/3/2019 10:04:45 AM

Home staging can be a costly expense, especially if you have multiple homes on the market at once. However, there are some very simple (and cheap) ways to make a home look better without having to make major design changes or upgrades. These 10 home staging tips can help you move that home off the […]

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10/30/2019 1:10:24 PM

(TNS)—With home prices in many parts of the country rising more rapidly than wages, condominiums and co-ops, which typically cost 10 percent or so less than single-family homes, are in high demand. The National Association of REALTORS® reports that the median condo/co-op value rose 5.2 percent in the 12 months through August, compared to 4.7 […]

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10/29/2019 1:10:09 PM

(TNS)—Renting a place to live may give you the freedom to move when you want and relieve you of the responsibilities of homeownership, but at some point, most people yearn for their own home. Buying a house is a good way to start building financial security. As you pay down the mortgage, you build up […]

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10/23/2019 1:38:57 PM

(TNS)—Buying a condo can be a great way to dive into homeownership without worrying about much of the upkeep that comes with single-family homes and townhouses. Condo dwellers can also typically take advantage of shared amenities, plus having professional management to take care of building maintenance. However, condos aren’t for everyone, so it’s best to […]

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10/15/2019 12:56:10 PM

(TNS)—While owning rental property may not help you earn truly passive income, becoming a landlord can still build long-term wealth. After all, owning rental property means having your renters pay down the mortgage on a property you own. Depending on how much you can charge for rent, you may even be able to secure a […]

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10/6/2019 10:02:03 AM

(TNS)—Q: My sister has bad credit but a good job and wants to buy a house. I have strong credit but a modest salary. She asked me to co-sign her mortgage loan, and the bank insists on putting me on the deed. I trust her, but I am nervous. Should I do this? A: As […]

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10/3/2019 1:05:21 PM

(TNS)—If you’ve been watching reruns of HGTV’s “Income Property” and wondering if it’s time to buy a rental property and become a landlord, you’re not alone. Between our slow-growth economy, historically low interest rates and the mood of millennials to rent instead of own, income property has been on an uptick since the Great Recession. […]

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10/2/2019 12:52:03 PM

It’s hurricane season, and for millions of Americans and others, that means getting ready to not only protect themselves and their families, but also the single biggest investment of their lives—their homes. Catastrophic property losses and damages due to hurricanes are becoming more commonplace. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2017 alone, Hurricanes Maria, […]

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9/18/2019 12:55:17 PM

(TNS)—In recent years, sellers have called the shots in home-buying negotiations. They’ve had plenty of leverage, too, thanks to surges in buyer demand, tight inventory and soaring home prices in many top markets around the country. But we all know that the housing market is a cyclical one. Pricing and demand that goes up eventually […]

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9/12/2019 1:31:02 PM

(TNS)—Your house is outdated, but where do you begin making changes? It might still have its original cabinets from 1978 or it’s been years since you changed the cosmetic details. Whatever end of the decor spectrum you’re on, a few modern tweaks can take your space from past to present. How Revamping Your Space Can […]

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