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7/1/2019 1:02:25 PM

(TNS)—Before making an offer on a house, you want to be absolutely sure that it’s “the one.” But with so many options out there, how do you find your perfect match? Finding the right home involves research, so you’ll need to ask the right questions. That way, you know you’re making a competitive offer on […]

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6/30/2019 10:04:09 AM

Getting involved in real estate can be both rewarding and lucrative. Whether you’re a novice home flipper, a licensed professional or fall somewhere in the middle, real estate done right can be financially life-changing. If you’re looking to rent a property or potentially buy a home, there are countless resources and websites at your disposal to […]

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6/13/2019 1:24:08 PM

Losing a family member is never easy. Neither is figuring out how to deal with the home and possessions they leave behind. It often falls to real estate agents to help those who inherit homes from their departed loved ones. While navigating this emotional time can be tough, it can also be very rewarding to […]

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6/6/2019 1:49:07 PM

(TNS)—Q: I was trying to buy a house, but my loan fell through, and the seller does not want to return my deposit. How can I buy the house if I can’t get the credit? A: When you sign the typical purchase contract, you and the seller will make the contract contingent on your ability […]

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5/19/2019 10:02:39 AM

(TNS)—Let’s be real: Shopping around for a mortgage is about as enjoyable as applying for multiple jobs. Both involve a lot of paperwork, time and back-and-forth communication. You may never hear back from all (or any) of those job prospects, but you’re likely to reap rewards by shopping for mortgage rates with a handful of […]

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5/13/2019 1:29:31 PM

(TNS)—When it comes to selling a home, some homeowners will go to great lengths to boost the value of their property. But do renovation projects translate to big paydays in the real estate market? Not necessarily, Zillow data show. A mid-range bathroom remodel ($3,000 or less) can bring back $1.71 for every dollar spent, according […]

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5/8/2019 1:18:52 PM

(TNS)—The journey to improving your credit score is a marathon, not a sprint. An excellent score can help you qualify for low-interest loans and premium rewards credit cards, but the process takes time. You can get started by checking your credit score to see where you currently stand. Once you have an idea of how […]

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5/6/2019 1:38:08 PM

(TNS)—Q: I just lost the sale of my house because our buyer learned we changed out a broken toilet without getting a permit from the city. I did not even know this was required. Is there anything I can do? A: You raise two important points. The first is the importance of disclosing everything, even […]

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4/29/2019 1:32:10 PM

(TNS)—Renovations can make us happier in the places we call home, but some of the most dramatic updates can add real value when it’s time to sell. Since kitchen, deck and other upgrades can represent a significant cost, it’s helpful to know what kind of return you might expect before you decide to write a […]

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4/28/2019 10:05:15 AM

(TNS)—If you’re selling your house, the place has to look its best so buyers can see its potential and imagine themselves living there. That’s what home staging is all about. A professional home stager will cost between $50 and $150 per hour, says Jessica Page, a broker with Innovative Real Estate in the Denver area. […]

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